What Travel Documents Do I Need?

One must carry a passport which is valid for minumum of six months from the date of entry into India

Do I Need an International Certificate of Vaccination?

No there is no need of any vaccination

What Is the Best Time to Visit India?

It depends on which part of India if you wish to visit. If you want to visit Rajasthan, other parts of North India or South India then winter season (August till March) is ideal period.

Where can I find information about all AIP products?

The AIP website www.allindiapackages.com contains all of the information.

Does AIP book only Air Tickets?

No, AIP does not book Air tickets, although it can be provided if requested by the clients.

Does AIP do customize or Tailor-made itinerary?

We can do customise itinerary as the per the clients choice.

Does AIP domestic flights?

We do book domestic flights as per the itinerary which includes in the package.

Does AIP process only VISAs?

AIP, provides E-Visa service to India

What are the various other services that AIP provides with?

AIP provides hotel bookings, a comfortable transport services as well, making sure each of our client is comfortable and at ease, knowing that it can be their first India travel experience. Not to forget a per- excellence knowledge guide service too.

Will there be medical guidance in case of medical emergency?

Safety comes first! Of course there will be a full-fledged medical guidance help provided to each and every clients who join our tour.

Are there any like a weekend package?

Yes weekend packages are available but on request, kindly log on to tour website-www.allindiapackages.com and get a clear idea of all the packages that we provide.

Is there anything like a trek tour?

Yes, we at AIP provide all sorts of customized packages across India, making every trip count for all. With regards to trek tour, we provide an enjoyable and client friendly, trekking experience, where the client can enjoy as well as feel the thrill!

With growing trend, to more than site seeing tours, can I find a sport oriented trip?

Certainly, at AIP, there is a wide arrangement for all, we believe in breaking the monotony with tours that excite everyone and make memories that are pleasant and happy. Talking about sport tours, yes we are proud to say that we undertake some of the most stylish and poised Golf tours which fall into the customized category of touring, so feel free to log on to our website to understand better- www.allindiapackages.com

Will I find it difficult to communicate while in India especially with foreign language?

Definitely not, AIP is a very client friendly tour package company, where we believe that every client who joins us is our very own, and there wouldn’t be any issues with regards to language. The guide who joins the tour is well versed with Tamil-Hindi- English, also the drivers are Tamil speaking who can drive you through all the nook and corners of North India.

How would I communicate with my family back at home while I am travelling?

There is nothing to worry when communication is concerned, AIP provides local SIM cards to every client who travels with us, and so there is no bar to any sorts of communication.

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