Tamilnadu Navagraha Temples

Navagrahas    meaning ‘nine planets’ in English refers to the nine outer parts of the solar system. The nine celestial bodies include Suryan (Sun), Chandran (Moon), Sukra (Venus), Budhan (Mercury), Raagu (North Lunar nodule), Ketu (nodule) of the southern moon), Angaarakan (Jupiter), Shani (Saturn), Guru. (Mars). People often show their devotion to the Navagrahas by visiting their temples. It is believed that each body is considered a special power and essence of holiness. The famous temples in Tamilnadu include these major tourist attractions

Soorya navagrahastalam, Sooriyanar Temple     Soorya, the Sun god, is one of the nine gods of the planets. It is located in the Sooriyanar temple near Kumbakonam. This is the only temple with shrines of all nine planet gods. The historic beauty of Dravidian masterpiece dates back to the 11th century.

Chandran stalam, Thingaloor     The Kailasanathar Temple near Kumbakonam has a chief deity such as the Moon god Chandran. It has two prakaram with 5 layer Rajagopuram. Appar showed reverence for God by his written verses. There is a separate temple for the moon god. It is also known as Thingal which is why this place is also called a thingaloor.

Shani stalam, Thirunallar      The Dharbaranyeswarar Temple or Shani stalam is a Hindu temple located in Thirunallar in the Karaikal region of Pondicherry. It is now separated from Tamilnadu but was built by the Tamil Kings centuries ago. It is believed that the gods made of Dharba grass. Sanishwarar is believed to have remained in each Zodiac sign for two and a half years.

Angaarakan, Vaitheeswaran kovil      A temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is called vaitheeswaran which means ‘God of healing’. It is believed that God can cure illness. Angaarakan (Mars) is worshiped in that temple. It is considered one of the nine temples of Navagraha in Tamilnadu.

Pudhan stalam, Thiruvengadu      The Swetharanyeswarar Temple is a temple located in Thiruvengadu near Sirkali. The chief deity is Swetharanyeswarar (‘god of the white forest’) which is another form of Lord Shiva. Pudhan, one of the nine deities, has a separate shrine to worship. The temple has an immovable structure with three pools within the temple. It is believed that bathing in such pools cures serious illnesses. This diversity makes it one of the most famous temples in Tamilnadu.

Raagu stalam, Thirunageshwaram       Raagu stalam is located in Thirunageshwaram in the district outside Kumbakonam. The temple is located on the banks of the Cauvery River.. There are about 4 gate towers with a large entrance hall. Six daily routines are routinely performed.

Ketu stalam, keezhaperumpalam       Naganathaswamy Temple or Ketu stalam is a Hindu temple located at Keezhaperumpallam near Poompuhar. Ketu, also known as the shadow planet, is the temple deity. The chief deity is King Shiva also known as Naganathaswamy. It marks one of the nine elements of the planet of worship.

Sukran stalam, Kanjanur      The Agniswarar Temple in Kanjanur near Kumbakonam is called Sukran Stalam. Sukran (Venus) has a distinctive image of worship in that temple. The temple was built by Chola Emperor during the Middle Ages. Lord Sukran is depicted in a lingam form called Agniswarar.

Guru stalam, Alangudi       Apatsahayeswarar Temple or Guru stalam is located in Alangudi, Thiruvarur. The name of the temple means that God will act as a savior in times of crisis. The temple is located in the Cauvery delta region. It is one of the Navagraha temples in Tamilnadu.

The temples listed above are believed to be the most powerful spiritual forces in the individual. It is also believed that these famous temples in Tamilnadu create a good atmosphere for devotees.

Posted Date : 29-Apr-2022

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