Kerala Kanyakumari, A journey to remember

When it comes to planning a tour, it gets pretty tedious to finalize on one destination that has it all.

Being a very first time in booking from a travel package, there are many doubts that curb in, but one has to take a leap of faith and dive into whole heartedly and we did the same with All India Packages and we weren’t wrong at all. After a lot of thinking we crossed South India tour package, which was Kankyakumar Kerala. The experience of being rookies in travelling turned out to be like a piece of cake with AIP by our side, it was an experience of lifetime and we are looking forward for more adventures and travel destinations to choose from AIP.

Let me take you with our Kerala Kanyakumari tour, it was a customized package which was pretty simple to begin with. South India fell in our benefit mainly because it’s a place where the language was familiar to us, although the tour managers were present and were of extraordinary help throughout our journey to the South of India.

We visited almost all the popular places of Kanyakumari-Kerala, beginning with sightseeing to epic breakfast which was the highlight of the day. The food managed was apt and absolutely delicious, keeping every in mind in our group which made us fall in love with AIP instantly.

Although our travelling was at the peak time, but our tour went off smoothly without any hurdles, along with our luggage being transported safely as well, so being in a foreign land that is one of the biggest challenges a tourist can fear of.

As our tour begun, we were made to stay at a luxurious hotel with top-notch amenities at Kochi it was delightful with again great food. The ambience was breath-taking with courteous staff to take care of our very little yet necessary needs. Munnar was great as well. In our entire tour there was no scope of complaint of discomfort.

There were many other places and sightseeing adventures we were taken on, the list it big to actually read through, but in all our first planned trip through AIP was something that we all might never forget, Thank you AIP for this amazing package that is true to its words.

Posted Date : 05-Mar-2019

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